Farmingdale School Health Council News!

We are a grass roots group of people who assist students and families with ideas and activities, 

here in town and at school, to help reduce childhood obesity and improve the children’s future health.  

Anyone in the community is welcome to join us!

Come join us for a Health Council meeting and see what AMAZING things we do to keep our students and community healthy.  All are welcome!

Health Council Meeting Dates 2019-2020

**All meetings will be held once a month on Mondays from 4p-5p in the trailer. We hope you will join us!**

September 16

October 21

November 18 - Canceled


January 13

February 10

March 16 - Canceled

April 20 - Canceled

May 18 - Canceled

June 15 - Canceled


W2SW 2019-2020 DATES

Join us for a year of Global Walk to School Wednesdays! Dress in the colors of the country we are celebrating that day, learn some interesting facts and sample some of their healthy treats. 

We hope you will join us!

10/2 International Day--kick off the year wearing your favorite country’s colors!

10/9 Italy--Buonogiorno! Did you know pasta didn’t originate in Italy? Wear your best

 green, red, & white and come learn more.

10/16 Nigeria-Wear your best safari colors and learn about this great country in Africa.


10/23 India-- Do you want to learn where yoga originated? Wear your best comfy 


10/30 Mexico--Buenos Dias! Bright colors are in order for our fiesta today!

11/13 Turkey--Gobble, gobble! No, not that turkey :) Wear brown, yellow and orange and

 come learn about the country of Turkey.

11/27 England--All Hail the Queen! Wear your best royal colors and crowns and join us.

12/11 Canada--Oh, Canada! Hats, scarves and your best cold weather gear are in order to

learn about our neighbors to the North.

1/15 Chinese New Year--Gongxi! Learn about the year of the Rat and wear black, red,

 white, and yellow.

2/12 France Bonjour! Blue, white or red, scarves or berets--Anything goes in France!

3/11 St. Patrick’s Day--Wear your best green and plaid and come learn about Ireland.

4/8 Costa Rica-- Second largest exporter of bananas

4/22 Greece--blue and white colors 

5/6-Australia--G’Day, mate! Come learn about our neighbors from down under.

5/13 Brazil-- More than half of the Amazon Rainforest is in Brazil

5/20 Red, white, and walk--Celebrate America and wear your best patriotic colors!

5/27 Walk Like an Egyptian--Egyptians invented the 365-day calendar

6/3 Japan-- Kon’nichiwa! Want to learn about where Hello Kitty came? Stop by!

Walk To School Wednesday happens RAIN or SHINE :) :)

Some things we have done so far include:

  • W2SW (Walk to School Wednesdays) – promoting healthy regular walking to school
  • Entertaining programs for students as well as for parents/adults with fast and fun ways to eat well and exercise (Fun Family Olympics; Healthy Holidays and” Kid Power!”, to name a few!)
  • Improved food based celebration guidelines for parents and staff at school
  • Community School Garden, with fresh vegetables grown by students and staff
  • Indoor Fitness Trail inside the school hallways
  • Skate Time roller skating curriculum for 3 weeks in school, so kids can learn the basics and skate safely in town as well

See what we have done :) 

Check out some Kid Friendly Healthy Tips